Some validations can be configured even further, such as switching the case convention to validate against for parameter names. Stub TypeScript definitions entry for snake-case, which provides its own types definitions - 1.1.2 - a TypeScript package on npm - ... npm install @types/snake-case@1.1.2 SourceRank 16.

The default configuration option will be used in this case as well. Configurable and extensible validator/linter for OpenAPI documents.

Transform into a lower cased string with dashes between words. To turn this feature off, follow these instructions from the package authors. You will also need to do this recursively for packages depending on packages depending on the old version.

At the time of writing, the history v2 tsconfig.json looks roughly like: If there are other packages in Definitely Typed that are incompatible with the new version, you will need to add path mappings to the old version. Flag any properties that have the same name but an inconsistent type. -e (--errors_only) : Only print the errors, ignore the warnings. -c (--config) : Path to a validator configuration file. If only one value is provided in the array, it MUST be a status.

Use git log --follow instead.

The format for the .thresholdrc file is a top-level JSON object with a "warnings" field (shown below). Installation npm install change-case --save Usage Importing this module with an ES6 style import in the form import * as foo from "foo"; leads to the error: error TS2497: Module 'foo' resolves to a non-module entity and cannot be imported using this construct.

Test by running npm run lint package-name where package-name is the name of your package. It is possible to build platform specific binaries for Linux, MacOS, and Windows that do not depend on having node.js installed. It is more appropriate to import the module using the import foo = require("foo"); syntax. You can use the same // TypeScript Version: 3.1 comment as above.

-v (--version) : Print the current semantic version of the validator. This error can be suppressed by merging the function declaration with an empty namespace of the same name, but this practice is discouraged.

Words must follow standard upper snake case conventions. Note that the first-line comment in the index.d.ts file should only contain the major.minor version (e.g.

All packages are type-checking/linting cleanly on typescript@next: Make changes. PasCal! Flag any non-204 success responses without a response body. See the guidelines there. npm

Then they are wrong. Configurations are defined in a file, titled .validaterc. Repository For the actual structure, see the default values. Flag any path segment that does not follow a given case convention.

Some rules can be configured further with configuration options. You can help by submitting a pull request to fix them. You can also read this README in Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Chinese! If users make sure versions correspond between JavaScript packages and their respective. Flag any schema with a 'property' description that mentions the word 'JSON'. "param_name_case_convention": ["error", "lower_camel_case"] Definitely Typed only works because of contributions by users like you! If a .validaterc file does not exist at the root directory of your project, the validator will automatically run in default mode.

The supported statuses are error, warning, and off. distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, or --esModuleInterop

-s (--report_statistics) : Print a simple report at the end of the output showing the frequency, in percentage, of each error/warning. The binaries (lint-openapi-linux, lint-openapi-macos, lint-openapi-windows.exe respectively) are built in the 'bin' directory in the root. When publishing a package we will normally automatically create a package.json for it. First, fork this repository, install node, and run npm install. Each Definitely Typed package is versioned when published to NPM.

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