Thanks for the nice, easy-to-follow guide.

Find out why here! Couldn’t live without them. I should’ve added that I use a blocking hosts file instead of extensions.

AdGuard ist ein guter, v.a. Other users reported that sites other than Instagram were also being accessed and tampered with, in some cases, even when the user hadn’t accessed the site, but these claims couldn’t immediately be verified.

There was an update 3 days ago for firefox: “- Disable quick issue reporter as upstream no longer maintain it”. You must login or create an account to comment. > Of course it just follows Google and want to be like Google, obviously not caring about its users. I hardly ever have to unbreak sites while uBO has me adjusting it constantly.

Any other blocker (unless it is baked in like Brave Shields) never gets a look from me. Just checking, is step 4 incorrect in this? This was the great design of extensions and addons, one starts with a blank canvas and then can add whatever they liked. I use both as well. Try here : The market of boredom and endless curiosity. Report bug here: Discussion in 'other software & services' started by anon, Oct 16, 2020. Perhaps you should clarify that Brave serves “its own ads” as system notification, i.e. I’m not taking any risks, and neither should anyone else. Only Chrome store ownership has been transferred so Firefox, and Edge for now, should be safe. “perhaps they will never know, until one day they cannot withdraw from their accounts for their bills”. “”Brave doesn’t operate such a whitelist, apart from the whitelist it operates””. “In simple words, the extension remotely checks whether you are using the extension dev tools—which is what you would do if you wanted to find out what the extension is doing,” he wrote.

[NSFW] Test link 3, Issue 1 Hi. I’m going to give it a try. ****If you are using uBlock Origin, there are a few extra installation steps to follow.****”.
AdGuard Installation. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information

More. The Nano extensions were referenced in connection with Brave, but the advice would presumably have applied equally to Chrome, etc.

He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. Martin updated the article to reflect what you wrote.

Go back to tab #1 and enjoy the content. It’s easier to abandon it. Then it’s our job to make it less inviting for the developers to accept the bribe than to refuse it.

Ah, well — maybe I’ll add it to Google Chrome, which I’m forced to use from time to time. > Brave doesn’t operate such a whitelist, apart from the whitelist it operates. From what I read it was like Gorhill was robbed by sb, but I might be wrong. You must always fill the issue template when opening issues. Locate the variable userResourcesLocation and replace the initial value "unset" with, Subscribe to the Nano Filters list with a, Subscribe to the Nano Filters Whitelist list with a. This article seems to suggest that it isn’t. Click the extension icon of Nano Defender to find it. The caveat is that Edge can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Nano Defender is not magical. @Martin: Thanks; I appreciate the clarification. …The only difference I can see is: Go to uBlock Origin dashboard to select Settings. I know there are a lot of good devs out there with good extensions that would never do this kind of thing. EnlargeCyril GorllaHugo Xu, developer of the Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender extensions, said 17 days ago that he no longer had the time to maintain the project and had sold the rights to the versions available in Google’s Chrome Web Store. WIRED Media Group You should also remove it from Firefox because it’s been abandoned. This became necessary when sites started detecting adblockers triggering pop-ups, etc. think thats a great cover up on the current status of the firefox port from LiCybora: An adblocker Nobody could have foreseen that the Nano Adblocker / Defender developer would sell out, back when I wrote this comment the two extensions had no bad track record whatsoever and could be trusted, needless to say this is no longer the case. uBlock Origin is the logical replacement, and would be my suggestion. The review did not make it clear, I have added the step to make it clearer. I was affected by this because I used Nano Defender to supplement uBlock Origin. I can’t run uBlock Origin. I just have uninstalled them on all main browsers (Execpt Firefox 81.0.2).,

works like a charm, thanks for these easy steps (really like your just clic here steps ;)). On the other hand I do use a couple of less known extensions, so at the end of the day, you never know what they may be up to. I’ll add another comment under the one you linked to, clarifying that Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender are no longer recommended for reasons laid out in this article here. It’s possible, but if you read the Github page from the top, it’s hard to escape what I quote below.

If they put it out there for free they have no reason to complain that people are not paying for it (by means of looking at advertisements, which on itself is a doubtful method of ‘paying’ anyway). But all it takes is *not* having an extension like ublock origin to have with absolute certainty your privacy and security level considerably reduced. @user By that logic Gorhill isn’t trustworthy either because back then he sold uBlock to someone else, came back and created uBlock Origin. mm I think Nano Defender does a great job, uBlock Origin by itself can’t stop all anti-ad blocking scripts :). The Nano extensions weren’t some fly-by-night operation. Subscribe to the Nano Defender Integration filter list., I tried to avoid feeding it but this claim here in reply to me is too much and I give up: in addition to brave serving its own ads, the brave adblocker whitelists Google search ads and by coincidence has search deals.

Do you work for free? Other AdGuard for Safari AdGuard Home AdGuard DNS AdGuard for iOS Pro AdGuard … No idea how much he made but the figures can go pretty high sometimes. - Updated shim to Edgyfy I’m sorry to hear this has happened but thankful for your work and support. I uninstalled it, but I was already not even really using it because Brave adblocker was doing all the job. Might as well add add Adguard and ABP as well, you know, 4 are better than 2. Users had every reason to believe they were safe until, of course, that was no longer the case. The screenshot to the right shows some of the photos involved. > contrary to what the brave shills are trying to push here.

Based on uBlock Origin:, - Updated core to uBlock Origin 1.22.4 An incredible breach of trust that has tainted the reputation of the former developer forever, if you ask me. Some websites will intentionally freeze (with an infinite loop for example) once they detect Nano Defender, it could also be caused by a bug in Nano Defender.

3) Log into your accounts, change your password. Not until I have a reliable way to synchronously send configuration data to content scripts. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Every time we let this happen without consequences it makes it easier for it to happen again somewhere else. @Iron Heart Well, the problem is you want to see this as a “trust user” thing, what trust would he have? Has served me well in fending off pesky EU cookie notices.

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