Learn how your comment data is processed. All Rights Reserved. ( Log Out /  Your email address will not be published. A specific attribute. Next is the screen for uniquely identifying our users, in duplicateuser@azureinfra.com My name is Alex Fields. keeping track of all the rules that apply to this connector (for example, have AAD Connect on my Forestroot domain controller. If you are setting up Directory Synchronization from scratch (there are no users in the cloud yet), then Azure AD Connect will be pretty straightforward–the on-premises objects (and passwords if you choose that option) will be synchronized to the cloud, and you can assign services to the user accounts from there. ( Log Out / 

You can also export bulk lists for comparison from Active Directory as follows: Now, assuming you have your UPN and email addresses all matching, you should be able to download & install Azure AD Connect.

Would softmatching work after an initial sychronization was done?

This allows us to review the configuration, the exported objects and if indeed our ruleset and settings replace the backend accounts on our AAD users, rather than creating new ones, or removing them! anchor. That’s why I decided to write-up my own solution to the problem. Since one of the users affected is the owner of the company there’s some understandable reluctance to go down this path…. In the Exchange admin center, locate and then double-click the user account that you want. we will see later), or two accounts are created in AAD.

Select Join Rules and you will see: This means that if the source attribute (from TARGET AD:

We plan to use your method above to match up the immutable ID (UPN’s will be matched also) and then run the Hybrid Wizard choosing the minimal hybrid migration with single sync. This means that the existing objects might be changed due to the objects (and their different values) in the first forest. soft SMTP matching (using the SMTP field) throws up errors in the dirsync… so we have users appear in o365 like this; scl.test@somedomain.onmicrosoft.com – Synced from AD Click the first one and select Edit (a pop-up will show, click NO). The very best practice is to have the account UPN match–this can usually be accomplished without deleting the on-premises account and recreating. joins, renames, etc). There are two options available, delta and full.

to use 2 forests, we have to be able to select our immutableID and cross-forest it is the ObjectSID and the msExchangeMasterAccountSID (the 2nd The mission of this blog is to help IT professionals and technology stakeholders in small to mid-sized businesses achieve success in the Microsoft cloud. Your synced user should now be in the deleted folder in Office 365.

As I want to use the default ms-DS-ConsistencyGuid anyway, I left it to the default setting. In this case I ran just the delta import from TARGET to show what is happening: Next click the AAD Connector, select search Connector Space and set the scope to Pending Export.

Challenge no.1, how to “match” the AD users with the Office 365 Cloud users? As you can see, the 2nd rule has the same settings Learn how your comment data is processed. I am a real, actual human being. this screen there are two settings that need to be configured. Logon with your Global Admin credentials to your tenant. Go back to the Start Preview tab, and click Commit (a warning will show indicating a new preview will be re-generated). Click OK. It shows the Source Object Details similar to the ones shown On the FORESTROOT connector, we are going to perform some investigations (to learn what happens). You could even do this with a single variable in some cases: The above would be saved as HardMatch.ps1, then you can run the for-each loop as follows: No more mis-matches. available too. If you enable this option (which you should if you are doing AD Migrations) you should be aware that unwanted matches can occur. ObjectSID and msExchangeMasterAccountSID/ msRTCSIP-OriginatorSid (DWORD) under HKLM/CCS/Control/LSA, Enable Account Management Audit (success /
The list shown is the list of users in the connector space only. Your contact information is safe, and will not be made available to third parties at any price. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I've been helping small businesses in their transition to the Microsoft cloud for the better part of a decade. The rest I pretty much leave default. This can be done by clicking Preview.. The only reason I select custom is to use OU filtering (leave certain objects out of the sync scope).

Next, we need to find the ObjectGUID of the AD user, convert it to an ImmutableID, and assign that ID to the Cloud user.

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